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Teak Wood Products - Made in INDIA



Cribs made of Teak Wood with a Crib-Cum-Cot, Sliding Rail Cribs....more


Exclusive Mattress for Baby Cribs and Cots......Foam Sheet, Quilted Foam Mattress, Spring Mattress....more
Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheets

Theme based fitted sheets which bring a jolly mood to bedtime for babies. Pure cotton fabric. Fitted Sheet with Elastic for all the four corner to the bottom to have a Snug fit.....more
Mini Loft Beds

Mini Loft Beds

Made of Teak Wood which are integrated with Slide and tent for more fun and exciting....more
Popular Twin Over Twin Bunk Beds

Popular Twin Over Twin Bunk Beds

Made of Teak Wood which can be converted into 2 single cots....more
Twin Over Twin Bunk Beds

Twin Over Twin Bunk Beds

Made of Teak Wood which can be converted into 2 single cots....more
Twin Over Full Bunk Beds

Twin Over Full Bunk Beds

Made of Teak Wood which can be converted into 1 single and 1 Full size cots....more
Full Over Full Bunk Beds

Full Over Full Bunk Beds

Made of Teak Wood which can be converted into 2 Full cots....more
Designer Single Beds

Colorful Single Beds

Made of Teak Wood for Kids and Single Adult usage....more
Single Beds

Popular Single Beds

Made of Teak Wood for Kids and Single Adult usage....more
Day Beds

Day Beds

Day Beds made in Teak Wood which are multi-purpose utility best known as Grand Parents Beds........more
Loft Bunk Beds

Loft Bunk Beds

Made of Teak Wood which are integrated with study and storage....more
Toddler Beds

Toddler Beds

Toddler Beds for age group of 15 months to 10 years.....more
High Chairs

High Chairs

High Chairs which converts into Table & Chair....more


Cradles made of Teak Wood with a simple lockable system....more
Wooden Motifs for Decoration

Wooden Motifs

Wooden Motifs can be used in many ways: make mobiles, decorate your house, use them as gift tags, table settings, templates or stencils.........more
Themed Based Wooden Knobs Hand Painted

Theme Base Wooden Knobs

Wooden Knobs hand painted which can be personalised for the furniture like wardrobes, chest of drawers, under bed drawers, door knobs etc......more
Wooden Knobs Colors

Wooden Knobs Plain Assorted Colors

Wooden Knobs Plain Assorted Colors which can be used for the furniture like wardrobes, chest of drawers, under bed drawers, door knobs etc......more

Most Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does it take to get the product once I order it ?
    Most of our products have waiting periods, as per the dispatch times listed on our Website. We encourage you to email us at contact@wudplay.com to get delivery times before you place the order.

  • You claim your products are made of teakwood but the prices are very similar or a little expensive to the imported ones which are made of cheaper wood, how do you offer them at that cost ?
    We started Wudplay as a company that would cater to a customer directly from a Manufacturer to Consumer cutting out Distributors, Resellers and Retailers where most of mark-up on the price happens. So all our products are sold by us directly from Wudplay to you after retaining a reasonable margin which makes the products very reasonably priced even when they are made in Teakwood and good quality finishes. Most of the imported products are actually sold at 5-6 times the actual price in their home country adding the cost of shipping, import duties, multiple level margins from importer, distributor, CF agent and the retailer. That is one of the reason you will find them on sale every 6 months, we never have Sale on our products.

  • You have no store in any other place than Hyderabad (factory-outlet), why ?
    As explained earlier we take these measures to cut the cost on our products, which can be delivered to you at reasonable prices, if we were to have stores in other cities our products would be priced 30%-40% more than what they are now. We can understand your concern about buying a product online without seeing it however for some smaller products like Cribs we can offer a money back guarantee, please feel free to call us on 0 8688 355 355 to discuss your concerns and we will assist you.

  • I have never bought anything from you earlier, I am worried about losing my Money after paying you ?
    Your concerns are very genuine as the online space is not very secure in India and the you have limited options and time to take action if someone cheats you online. However with Wudplay you can be rest assured, we have been selling online since 2006, we have a physical company owned outlet in Hyderabad, we have customers across India. We can also offer you special payment options like 10% advance and balance Cash on Delivery. We also encourage you to visit our testimonials section to see the experiences of others customers with us across India. We Love our customers and they love us back. Please call us on 0 8688 355 355 to talk to us about any such issues.

  • How can I be rest assured I am getting what I am ordering online and it will be the same when it is delivered ?
    We make products which are genuine and made from the materials we mention, the quality, finish and packaging will all be as described. We also can send you the pic of the product before shipping for your satisfaction. We can also address your concerns if any after delivery.

  • Is the colorful finish charged extra ?
    Yes, the cost will be 20% additional on the product price unless until specified. The price quote is for natural finish like Walnut, Sapeli, Dark Walnut and Rosewood

  • Can any of your products be customized in our sizes and colors ?
    Yes, we can customize the products to suit your needs as limited customization what we call. We can customize the add-on features, colors and finishes for you. Please call us on 0 8688 355 355 or email us on contact@wudplay.com to discuss your requirements.

  • What happens if the product gets damaged during shipping ?
    We take extra care in packing the product before shipping it to you and also label it as fragile so it is handled with care, however in a unfortunate event of damage to the product during transit we will repair or replace the damaged component of product with a new one.

  • What are the payment methods and options ?
    We currently accept two payment methods, 1. Credit/Debit Cards for few products 2.Advance payment by bank transfer into our HDFC bank account. You can transfer the money into our account using internet banking or drop a cheque payable to Wudplay Corporation with the account details in the nearest HDFC ATM. You can pay the balance can be paid as CASH on delivery.

  • How are your products different from other imported kids products in the market ?
    Our products are made as per European and American Safety Standards. We make all our products in Solid teak wood as compared to rubber wood or pine wood when compared to the imported stuff you get in the market. Rubber wood and pine wood are 1/5th the cost of good teakwood when compared in terms of raw material. We will never make anything from Particle board which is the cheapest form of furniture. All our products are tested for strength and then sold into the market. The finishes you get are completely non toxic and child safe and are sourced from the best companies in India and abroad. Most of the imported stuff is made in China and dumped into India as there are no strict laws for toxicity, this imported stuff could never be sent to any of the European countries or US.

  • What kind of wood do you use in these products ?
    We use TeakWood in all our products unless stated otherwise. Some part of the products may require usage of plywood (mostly for fillers) and the bed base is usually a plywood base but we try and limit this at all times.

  • How do I know if it is genuine teakwood that you are using ?
    We source our raw material from genuine sources directly from the forests and have our own yard to stock timber, we then process it in our own yard to avoid any mix-up or adulteration.

  • How will I know if you deliver to my location or address ?
    We currently serve all locations where Fedex delivers, you can however search for your pin code from the following url. http://www.wudplay.com/pincodesearch.asp
    Note : Any Octroi or entry tax has to be borne by the customer only.

  • What kind of warranty does the product carry ?
    All our products come with 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects unless stated otherwise.

  • How will you offer warranty as I don't live in Hyderabad ?
    All you have to do is send us a picture of the problem you are facing and a brief description about it and we will take care of it. We will advise on how we can fix it for you and even get the damaged component to be picked up by our shipping partner and deliver a replacement for the same. This also applies for any maintenance after the warranty period. The maintenance after warranty period is chargeable.

  • How long does it take for delivery once the product is shipped ?
    The Transit time varies from a Place to Place. It usually takes between 3-12 business days for the delivery depending on the place which you reside.

  • How can I pay the balance payment to the courier when my product arrives at my place ?
    You can pay cash on delivery unless until specified in your order detailed email.

  • Will there anybody locally to assemble the product for me?
    All our products are well labelled individually which makes it easy for anyone to assemble them in a short time. All the hardware and products are labelled for your convenience. However if you need any assistance with assembly we can send our staff from Hyderabad to your location to assemble it for you. It will cost you the to and fro tickets for the staff and Rs.1250 per day as the allowance.

  • Will the product be the same as the one I see on the website?
    Yes, all our products will be same as you see on the website unless you want to minimum-customize it as per your needs. You can also choose from different colors for each product. Kindly email us at contact@wudplay.com for more information on colors.

  • Is there any way I can cancel the order after I place the order ?
    We don't accept cancellation of order.

  • Do you refund the money after cancelling any product?
    No, we don't offer any refunds if you wish to cancel an order.

  • Are your delivery dates fixed or tentative ?
    We try our best to deliver the product within the assured delivery date but they are tentative and can change due to uncontrollable or unavoidable circumstances.

  • How will I know whether the product is delayed or on scheduled?
    We will email you or call you in case there is a change in schedule delivery.

  • When will I know to keep a CASH ready and whether the product has been shipped?
    We send you an email with the shipping code and the amount of CASH as soon as the product is picked up from our warehouse by our shipping partner.

  • Do I get a Tracking code to track the product on-line?
    Yes, you do. You can use this code to track the product on-line.

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